Modern Vocal Training provides a very diverse course for teachers. Our program covers from learning to teach healthy and powerful vocal technique to train clients on artistry, style, etc. With over a dozen of specialists in different fields, our teacher’s education includes a very vast program of studies, from the old singing school to modern methods to vocal science and much more.


Modern Vocal Training Teacher Certification consists of 4 levels:

  • Introduction to Modern Vocal Training

  • Certified Modern Vocal Training Coach

  • Advanced Certified Modern Vocal Training Coach

  • Master of Modern Vocal Training

Learn more about the subjects included in each course on the Certification Levels page.


To provide the most complete teacher training, our instruction for each certification level consists of 3 modules:

  • Scheduled Live Online Group Sessions

  • Live Online course or in Person Co-Teaching Sessions

  • Certification Weekends

Learn more about the instruction modules on the Course Information page.


Our experienced Educational Team, well-versed in numerous vocal methods and techniques, consists of members from several countries with decades of experience as prominent vocal coaches and eminent performers.

Meet our Educational Team on the Educational Team page.


We have partnered with experts from diverse teaching and performing backgrounds to provide a complete and well-rounded training.

Meet our External Consultants on the External Consultants page.