Teacher training for each certification level begins with scheduled online live group sessions. Each level will feature different presenters covering varying topics. The number of sessions increases with each level, with the greatest number of sessions provided at Level 4. Teachers are required to attend most of the online sessions. Don’t worry – recordings of all sessions will be made available, in case you miss one.

At the halfway point of the online sessions, student teachers will begin working with our educational members individually. These Co-Teaching sessions give students the opportunity to sharpen their voice teacher skills while allowing the educational members to address student questions on an individual basis.

Upon completion of the online courses and co-teaching sessions, Certification Weekends will take place in person at our Institute in Málaga, Spain. Packed with useful and practical training, this intensive weekend brings our teacher community together for their final step of the certification program. Teachers will be asked to attend in person, but those who cannot travel for special reasons (or are located more than five hours away) may be able to participate online. Several dates will be available for you to join us once the course has completed.

We strongly believe that successful teachers are those who have happy, returning students, and we strive to give our teachers the most complete and diverse education to get a very high rate of repeat clients.

When you are ready to get started, submit a brief application to be contacted by the Modern Vocal Training Team.

Our Teacher Training Levels are divided in 3 modules:

Live Online Course

Online or in Person Co-Teaching

Certification Weekends