Level 1 - Introduction to Modern Vocal Training

Learn our unique approach to vocal training. Here you will acquire all the necessary tools to begin teaching a healthy and very powerful vocal technique. Also included: basics on anatomy, vocal pedagogy and much more. Important: all teachers must start at Level 1.

Level 2 - Certified Modern Vocal Training Coach

Instruction includes basic vocal science, complex vocal exercises , training artistry, developing style, performance skills, pedagogy skills, basic laryngeal massage, how to coach professional speakers and much more.

Level 3 - Advanced Certified Modern Vocal Training Coach

Courses at this level include vocal rehabilitation basics, intro to vocal effects, intro to world techniques, advanced laryngeal massage, advanced style and artistry tools, the knowledge required to conduct official Modern Vocal Training workshops and much more.

Level 4 - Master of Modern Vocal Training

Our highest certification level includes advanced vocal rehabilitation, advanced vocal science, advanced performance skills, advanced laryngeal massage, and advanced vocal effects. This level will incorporate several trips to observe Modern Vocal Training Educational Team teacher sessions, and Master students will teach workshops at our European Vocal Camp and World Voice Teachers Expo events. A Certified Master of Modern Vocal Training who completes the two years will have the opportunity to train students who wish to become certified voice teachers.